4-Week Mindfulness Course

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4-Week Mindfulness Course!

Maria Kahn Guided Mindfulness

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Applying the practice
Course Overview

This 4 week course will introduce you to the practice of mindfulness and how to apply it in your everyday life.  Mindfulness builds an awareness that allows you to make wiser choices and to be in a wiser relationship to what’s going on within you and around you.  With proper guidance and practice, Mindfulness is proven to be highly effective in managing through a variety of issues and conditions including stress (work related, financial, family/relationship or health), sleeping disorders, anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic pain, fatigue, headaches and other problems inhibiting one’s quality of life.

Each week you will be introduced to a new practice to apply to your own personal life experiences as well as to the ALTYOU Kaizen fundamentals for continuous improvement. This course will benefit both beginner and experienced practitioners.

4-Week Mindfulness Course

Tuesdays 4pm – 5:15pm
Starting February 2nd


Saturdays 11:30am – 12:45pm
Starting February 6th

Course Fee: $149

Instructor: Maria Kahn, Applied Mindfulness Specialist (Read Full Bio)

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