A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. At ALTYOU, you will discover how to lower your stress levels, boost your immune system, and achieve your optimal performance through a series of small but powerful changes.

We will offer 4 Categories of meditation
1. Present Moment Awareness

In these forms of Meditation, you become non-judgementally aware of the Present Moment. You do this by bringing your attention to the cycles of the breath, sensation in the body or sensations of the environment around you. By practicing this technique you become able to be Present in the Right Now throughout your day. What is happening right now becomes very distinct, detailed and high resolutioned – sight, touch, sound and aroma are heightened. You become more focused and able to fully tap into your talents and abilities. Become adept at not overreacting. Achieve your full potential and fully experience the joy of life.

2. Calm Focus

In this meditation technique, you keep yourself focused on a visualization, a chant, a person’s voice or some other object of attention.You may be guided to imagine a desired future or reconceptualize past experiences. This practice is extremely powerful for achieving specific goals like overcoming fears, becoming more productive or letting go of dependencies. Many athletes and business people practice this form of meditation to achieve Peak Performance. Visualize your desired future so clearly that you are much more likely to live that version of the future.

3. Energized Body and Mind

In some forms of meditation, we are supposed to energize the body and mind rather than calm them down. The most common meditative techniques for energizing body and mind revolve around breath control. Creativity and analytical skills increase. You learn to calmly harness mental and physical energy for dynamic action. Remain grounded and capable in stressful situations. These techniques give us a way to access the natural energies of the body without getting stressed. Feel Awakened and Powerful.

4. Transcendence / Self Discovery

This meditation tradition takes you beyond the stressed and noisy surface mind to a deeper and quieter state of consciousness, decreasing anxiety and releasing stored stress. Most of the techniques for attaining this state use mantras. This practice allows you to access a deeper level of creativity. As the mind goes deep, silent, blissful the body releases stress and goes into a state of rest and relaxation. A feeling of Calm, Energized, Confident Bliss carries over into the rest of your day leading to Peak Performance in your professional and personal life.

Keeping you safer

At ALTYOU, nobody else touches your equipment during class. You’ll have your own workstation, your own personal sanitation station, and only 8 people per class, socially distanced.

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