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A safer way to work out your body and your mind

More ways to move, mindfully.

Imported from Italy, our Kinesis equipment offers total freedom of movement—something you won’t find anywhere else in Western New York. Kinesis is just one of our exclusive mind-body tools for natural movement, challenging you to focus your mind as you gain balance, flexibility and strength.

Meditation—the missing piece.

Taking spin class can only take you so far. If you’re overwhelmed by life, or frustrated that you haven’t been able to maintain your goals in the past, we can help. Here, you’ll learn how a mindfulness practice can help you develop your mind and truly transform your life—starting from day one.

Every detail matters.

From the ultra-purified air you’ll breathe in our studio to the living plant wall you’ll gaze upon during class, everything we do revolves around a simple, natural approach to life.

Join the movement.

Anyone can join a gym—but you’re not just anyone. Here, you’ll find a community of people who share your healthy lifestyle, led by experienced instructors who keep up with the latest research in fitness, meditation, health and wellness.